World Leader in DIY Tyre Sealant

Punctureblock tyre sealant is the first of its kind. It is a puncture sealant product that can be applied to any tire and can be easily installed by anyone - helping you prevent tyre punctures on cars, motorcycles and any other vehicles.

New Product Application : DIY


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Punctureblock is made in Europe the the highest quality control standards, with full marketing support for our suppliers.

Punctureblock uses a unique non-spill application system and is a permanent tyre puncture repair.

Prevent Car Tyre Punctures

This is a unique puncture prevention system designed to seal tyre punctures permanently and instantly as soon as they happen. Punctureblock can also repair a flat tyre and seal slow leaks. It has been widely regarded as a huge development in road safety.

We are now seeking agents and distributors for Punctureblock tyre puncture sealant on global basis.

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